Community Wastewater Management

HDS Australia is one of three main providers of services to local government and private sector clients in South Australia covering the development of community wastewater management systems (CWMS).  Whether septic tank effluent disposal schemes or full sewer systems, these projects range from $300,000 to $10 million in value, servicing from as few as 50 to more than 3,000 people.  Professional services provided range from existing system audits, water balance calculations, concept design, public consultation, whole-of-life economic analyses, preliminary and detailed design (of civil works, pump stations, treatment plants and irrigation systems) plus obtaining government approvals, through to tendering, contract documentation and construction superintendency.  A number of new township schemes are presently being designed.  Innovative solutions in wastewater treatment, involving various trials with University specialists and with private development companies, have been incorporated into past projects.

Community wastewater re-use has become an imperative throughout Australia as a result of long periods of drought conditions in past years.  In addition to new scheme development, the company has undertaken numerous projects involving upgrades to existing CWMS to improve the quality and quantity of reclaimed water available for re-use.  Overall, almost three gigalitres per annum of additional reclaimed water has become available to the various townships assisted by these projects over the last five years.

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