Eudunda Stormwater Capture and CWMS Upgrade

Project background and challenges

  • Small farming community in the midNorth of South Australia.
  • Existing Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS) installed in the 1970’s – ageing infrastructure.
  • Inadequate stormwater detention leading to frequent flash flooding of large township areas.
  • Basic wastewater treatment capability – facultative lagoon • Underutilisation of stormwater and wastewater resource.
  • Excessive consumption of potable water for irrigation and limited volumes available – reduced amenity value.
  • Complicating factors such as works scheduling, existing infrastructure, road design and budget.

Scope, solutions and results

  • New stormwater detention dam by Council. HDS proposed interception of this for diversion to winter storage.
  • New pump station, wastewater treatment plant, 20 ML winter storage facility and replacement/upgrade of rising main.
  • Project planning, options proposal and scheduling of works allowed for overall implementation cost reduction.
  • Increased water resource and new irrigation opportunities.
  • Telemetry link allows for reliable measurement and pond level management.
  • Multi-discipline approach by HDS allowed for re-design of road intersection and optimisation of intercept sump location.