Tulka Community Wastewater Management System

Project background and challenges

  • Tulka is a small coastal community on the Eyre Peninsula.
  • Located on an ecologically sensitive marine area.
  • Existing Pump Stations were leaking and pump run times were inefficient.
  • There were concerns about the integrity of the septic tanks and the potential for them to leak into the ocean.
  • The undulating terrain and cap limestone cause potential problems.
  • Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant is inefficient and requires constant maintenance.
  • No water source for local park and existing woodlot irrigation system faulty.

Scope, solutions and results

  • Successful tender, contract and overall project management.
  • Design and on-site superintendency provided for the construction phase.
  • New WWTP installed to reduce costs and maintenance requirements.
  • Cost effective design provided which incorporates gravity and pressure to minimise construction costs.
  • Pump Stations upgraded to current standards.
  • Irrigation connections to local park provided and woodlot irrigation improved.
  • Removal of the potential for septic tanks to leak into marine environment.