Our Policies


In establishing a vision for the future of HDS Australia and corporate goals to sustain that vision, the quality of service to our clients remains our foremost consideration.

HDS Australia’s Quality Statement   /   BSI Australia Quality System Certification


HDS Australia is committed to providing safe and healthy workplaces and to ensuring that its activities are not harmful to company and contract personnel, sub-consultants, clients or the general public.  The company is committed to compliance with current Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation applicable to the states and territories in which we operate.

HDS Australia’s Workplace Health and Safety Statement


HDS Australia recognises the importance of protecting and/or enhancing the environment.  Its personnel are aware of the potential adverse impact which our business processes, and the projects we provide services for, may have on the environment and is conscience of the social and legal responsibility we have to deal with them.

HDS Australia’s Environmental Statement


HDS Australia is committed to collecting and maintaining personal information in accordance with the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

HDS Australia’s Privacy Statement


HDS Australia Pty Ltd recognises that we depend upon the capability, dedication, diligence and productivity of our employees [and also those of our sub consultants] and to this end will provide a safe, harmonious and productive workplace. As a responsible employer we will provide conditions that encompass fairness, equity and safety.

HDS Australia’s Employee Relations Statement