Municipal Engineering

HDS Australia within municipal engineering specialises in stormwater capture and re-use, plus a range of road asset data collection and asset management planning services including:

  • Stormwater Capture and Re-Use,
  • General Municipal Engineering Services,
  • Development of Asset Management Strategies, and
  • Spatial Data Solutions.

Complementing our nationally recognised expertise in community wastewater engineering,  HDS Australia has in recent years undertaken a number of innovative stormwater capture and re-use projects that have been integrated with existing or new community wastewater management systems.  Use of common infrastructure for reclaimed water storage and irrigation can provide highly cost effective solutions that enhance sustainable water management practices within regional communities.  Profiles for a selection of recent projects are available via the following links:

With HDS Australia’s experience as asset data managers and assessors, we understand the importance of assessing all elements of road and stormwater network related assets.  With experienced resources, both in asset data collection and assessment, as well as in asset management, HDS Australia can assure a product delivered according to each client’s needs.  We have a comprehensive understanding of issues relating to asset management, and also have been instrumental in the development and implementation of spatial asset information and management systems for local government since 1991.  A profile of a recent project is available via the following link: