HDS Australia Conducts Network-Wide Road Safety Audit in Tasmania

Last year HDS Australia’s road safety auditing team had been tasked with auditing a network of collector roads for a rural council in Tasmania. A network-wide road safety audit can greatly benefit local councils through identifying key safety risks across their existing road network. Many of the safety issues identified can be significantly improved through cost-effective solutions such as signage, linemarking and delineation improvements.

Across Australia around 50% of all casualty crashes, and around 40% of all fatal crashes occur on roads managed by local councils[1]. About 25% of casualty crashes on council-owned roads occur on their rural road network, however when considering only fatal crashes, rural roads account for 50% of fatal crashes on council-owned roads[1]. Councils’ network of rural collector roads are particularly dangerous as they are often subject to relatively high volumes of traffic, but are typically of a lower standard as compared to state-managed roads.

HDS Australia is committed to improving safety on our road networks nation-wide and can assist local councils in providing network-wide road safety audits to identify high-risk sites throughout their road network and devising cost-effective solutions to mitigate these risks. We are able to provide a competitive price to conduct road safety audits in rural areas and our auditors are looking forward to assisting our clients from all corners of Australia with road safety auditing services in the future.


[1]  Based on Austroads Research Report AP-R359/10