HDS Australia conducts Road Safety Audit in the Northern Territory


HDS Australia is currently the Number 1 provider of road safety audit services in South Australia and is also a prominent provider in Victoria and in New South Wales.

Our Road Safety Audit Team has recently been tasked with auditing an access road in a remote location in the Northern Territory, about 500km south of Darwin. This is the furthest Road Safety Audit we have conducted so far, and involved over 25 hours of travel time for each of our two auditors to visit the site and return to our base in Adelaide.

This photo shows one of our road safety auditors hard at work in the Northern Territory under the scorching sun.

HDS Australia is able to provide a competitive price to conduct road safety audits in the Northern Territory despite the high travel costs involved. Our auditors are looking forward to assisting our clients from all corners of Australia with road safety auditing services in the future.