National Road Safety Week 2023

How fantastic is it that a bright light is being shone on all aspects of road safety from the Australian Government to independent companies and non-for-profit organisations. So many ideas have been brought to the table from large projects to just making people think about their behavior on the road. We applaud the initiative of so many as just one loss of life is one too many.

Here at HDS Australia a big part of the work we do focuses on Road Safety, Design, and data collection for the future improvement of our roads. We feel a part of a bigger picture contributing to a safer and more efficient road network and infrastructure throughout Australia.

Announced in the May Budget, the Australian Government has increased its funding commitment to road safety. The Government will continue delivering road safety improvements through the Road Safety Program, with over $976 million available for new infrastructure projects across 2023–24 and 2024–25, building on the more than 1,400 projects delivered to date.

As supporters of the Australian Road Safety Foundation, we are provided with reminders of the cost of Road Toll via their updates from the data they collect.  It’s saddening to see so many lives have been lost and to try to comprehend the affect the Road Toll has on the families who lose a loved one and the many others involved in processing the tragedy.

We urge everyone to play a part in road safety by reducing distractions while driving and teaching others the importance of staying focused on the road.