Network Level Heavy Vehicle Route Assessments


HDS Australia has undertaken network level heavy vehicle route assessments for over 12 regional Councils within both South Australia and New South Wales over the past few years.

These assessments provide a high level risk rating for roads throughout the network in relation to restricted access heavy vehicle such as 26m B-Doubles. The focus of these assessments is carriageway width, bridge and culvert widths, turning movements and site distances at junctions, clear zones and bridge load limits.

For roads which are already gazetted for B-Double use, as shown on the Restricted Access Vehicle Network (RAVnet), the risk assessment prioritises upgrades for high risk sites to improve road safety across the network. Roads that are not currently gazetted can also be assessed to determine suitability for B-Double or larger vehicles, and any upgrades required for gazettal or operational controls for permit access. The information provides valuable assistance to Councils in guiding decision making in relation to ongoing capital and maintenance expenditure, and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) access permits and allows HDS Australia to provide ongoing support to Council for grant funding applications and permit approvals if required


Several Councils have received funding under the NHVR’s Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative (HVSI) to undertake these network levels assessments.

HDS Australia continues to support regional Councils to provide safe road networks and improve heavy vehicle access.


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