Traffic Management study for Hartnett precinct in Seaford


In 2020, HDS Australia was engaged by Frankston City Council to undertake a Local Area Traffic Management study for Hartnett precinct in Seaford.  One of the safety concerns identified was lack of a mid-block pedestrian crossing point along Seaford Road.

In early 2022, HDS was pleased to undertake the design work to design the facility near Seaford Road / Prince Crescent junction. This crossing was completed recently and started servicing the community.  Council received great feedback from the local community on this work. This included a letter from one of the residents in community saying, “You have made life so much easier for us crossing to catch buses etc. along that very busy stretch of road”.

This is a great achievement of Frankston City Council, HDS Australia Pty Ltd, and the construction crew.


HDS Australia had given the safety of all road users the highest priority during the design stage and took other factors into account. We are glad to see the design achieved the goals.


We look forward to future opportunities providing the highest quality services and improving road safety to our clients and communities.