Butler Terrace, Naracoorte – Traffic Investigation

Project background and challenges

  • Problems with pavement damage caused by poor soils and heavy vehicles.
  • Heavy vehicles access industrial area via residential streets causing safety concerns and complaints from residents.
  • Combination of heavy vehicles and children walking and riding along Butler Terrace causes safety hazards for vulnerable road users.
  • The full range of movements are not allowed at the junction of Butler Terrace and Smith Street which is the main access due to poor design.
  • Butler Terrace is the main access to the hospital but due to the undulating road surface ambulances were refusing to use it.

Investigation and recommendations

  • Current heavy vehicle movements were investigated and a change to BDouble gazetted routes was recommended to reduce their presence on residential streets.
  • The current pavement quality was reviewed and it was recommended that a full upgrade of the pavement was required.
  • An upgrade to the Butler Terrace and Smith Street junction was also recommended to ensure all movements were catered for.
  • A full upgrade of Butler Terrace was recommended with a shared path away from the road to separate the different types of road users to reduce the risk of a conflict.