Port Adelaide Freight Corridors Study

The Port Adelaide Freight Corridors Study was a joint initiative of the SA Freight Council for Sea Cargo Incorporated (SAFCSC) and the SA Land Freight Transport Council (SALFTC).

The objective of the study was to provide clear actionable initiatives which would enable the efficient, competitive and sustainable movement of freight between the Port of Adelaide and its freight hinterlands, particularly through metropolitan Adelaide.

To successfully undertake the study, HDS Australia utilised a range of skills including strategic planning, stakeholder consultation and statistical analysis of data.

The outputs of the study were:

  • An origin-destination survey of goods moved to Port Adelaide for export, and from Port Adelaide for import, including types and quantities of commodities and configuration of road vehicles used for their transport.
  • The existing key corridors used for the movement across land of freight to/from the port and to/from major intermediate depots serving the port.
  • Any constraints, bottlenecks and inefficiencies, including physical, operational and regulatory issues, within these corridors, which impact on the efficient movement of freight.
  • Potential threats to the future efficient movement of freight through the corridors.