Northern Expressway – Design and Construction Road Safety Auditing

HDS Australia provided road safety audits for the Northern Expressway project at the design, roadworks traffic management, pre-opening and post-opening stages.

Design audits were required on all phases of the Northern Expressway along with the associated road networks. Concept, preliminary and detailed design plans were audited by HDS Australia. A series of spreadsheets were developed to provide audit comments on. These comments were then acknowledged and responded to by the designers on the spreadsheet. Finally these responses were signed off as acceptable by the HDS Australia auditors.

Continual audits were required of changing traffic management set ups. HDS Australia provided quick response on these audits, often attending site once the traffic management had been set up to either suggest and implement changes or accept the set up.

Pre-opening audits were carried out on the bridges, side roads and main alignment to ensure the design had been followed and the roads were free from hazards. A post-opening audit was also conducted once the Expressway was fully operational to ensure that it was operating as intended.