Upgrade of Smith Street and McRae Street, Naracoorte

Naracoorte has a population of close to 5,000 and is located in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia approximately 366 km from Adelaide and 100 km from Mount Gambier. The town has historically relied on sheep, cattle and wheat farming and more recently tourism.

HDS Australia, in the first instance, was engaged by DPTI in association with the Naracoorte Lucindale Council to undertake a planning study of the city centre of Naracoorte. To this end HDS Australia carried out traffic counts, pedestrian movement counts and parking surveys associated with the city centre of Naracoorte. Based on data collected and site observations a concept design was developed to the stage where it could be used for public consultation.

As a result of public consultation and liaison with DPTI and Council a preferred concept design was established and accepted. HDS Australia further developed this concept design into a final design and documentation suitable for construction purposes.

The main aspects of the upgrade included:

  • The development of three roundabouts along McRae Street and in particular a large roundabout at the intersection with Smith Street, the main road through the Naracoorte city centre. This roundabout was difficult to design given the location of adjacent buildings but a solution was achieved that catered for B Double vehicles and cars and provided the necessary vehicle deflections to slow vehicles down to speeds appropriate for a city centre.
  • A wide median was provided along Smith Street providing safe refuge for pedestrians crossing Smith Street and the opportunity to introduce protected right turn lanes and allow for a free flow of traffic along Smith Street.
  • Vegetation was also added to the wide median, roundabout central islands and other areas to beautify the city centre area and provide a more pleasant environment for the shopping and business precincts.
  • It was necessary to move a war memorial previously located at the intersection of McRae Street and Smith Street to a new and more suitable location on parklands further to the east and just off Smith Street.

The completion of this project has provided for greater safety and a more attractive environment within the city centre of Naracoorte and feedback indicates it has been well received by local residents.