Meningie Community Wastewater Management System Upgrade

Project background and challenges

  • Township of Meningie located on the southern side of Lake Albert in the upper Southeast of South Australia.
  • Expansion of population expected due to recent residential development.
  • The Meningie CWMS built in 1972 with a gravity pipe network and eight pumps stations transferring wastewater to a treatment lagoon.
  • Treatment lagoon was clogged with 35 years of sediment and partly over grown with weeds.
  • Therefore the treatment lagoon not capable of treating increased volume from community expansion.
  • Wasted resource, lagoon losing all of its water to evaporation and seepage.
  • Recent drought raised community awareness of the possibility of using readily available supply of reclaimed water for municipal irrigation.

Scope, solutions and results

  • Council resolved to replace old lagoon with Waste Water Treatment Plant and make the reclaimed water available for irrigating the oval and golf course.
  • Contract management including superintendency role during construction phase.
  • Reduced reliance on Lake Albert water for irrigating the town oval and golf course.